Torrents – Dual Fates
Self-released / Mettle Media PR – 2022
Rock, Grunge, Alternative, Prog, Post
Rated: ****

Morgantown, West Virginia, one of those magical places in the USA that for some weird and possible supernatural reason has been the birthing place of many a great musical outfit that went on to produce some legendary heavy rock. Four-piece Torrents released their five-track Dual Fates mini-album right before the start of May and is aiming to join that great cabal of illustrious rock groups. The five tracks meander through the heavy rock landscape like a free-flowing river, banking left towards grunge or right towards more nineties alternative touches but always doing so with a high flow of progressive structuring and a steady stream of gracious melodies. With perhaps middle track Dream Eternal being the ultimate example of it all. Especially how that track creates that sweet moment of calm, as if we’ve weathered the storm together, before steering the boat towards the rapids again. With a keen ear for dynamics, the five tracks tell the story of a hero, waking up in a shallow grave with amnesia, with a choice to make… Your choice is obvious; you need to check out Dual Fates by Torrents… And not just because you want to know what happens to the hero…





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